The 'Heart Warrior' set is created with the intention of protection, heart-opening, grounding, and a deep connection with the Earth. All of the crystals in this set have powerful healing properties. This set can help you stay true to your heart while drawing on the strength and protection of nature. 

*Please note that Unakite has replaced Dragon's Blood in this set*


The following crystals are included in the set:



Black Obsidian

Kambaba Jasper

Green Goldstone

Leopardskin Jasper


The sets come in a black organza bag for extra protection. If you choose to remove the crystals from the bag, please repurpose the bag to avoid waste.


Each set will be unique, as the crystals differ in colour and shape.

Average total weight of set: 45 grams


I will cleanse and charge each set personally, and a blessing of healing and protection will be spoken over them before I mail them out.


Note: When cleansing Leopardskin Jasper, avoid using salt water as this can erode the stone away over time.

'Heart Warrior' Crystal Set