What My Clients Say..

“I'm grateful I came across Dylan on his Instagram page. His reading cut to the heart of my current situation, as well as offered solutions. He delivered the tarot's messages with clarity, wisdom and compassion. I feel equipped to take on the challenges of the coming months and know I'll hear his voice in my head as I do. A reading as affirming as Dylan's can change a person's life by making them feel brave enough to be their full self—and that's how I feel, now!"


- Elena, USA

“I wish I could communicate how detailed and pure Dylan’s information is. His confidence and intuition is spot on, and the reading I received from him made me smile a lot. Thank you, Dylan, for your care, presence, and beautiful energy."


- Eva, Belgium

“Dylan's reading was wonderful. He read in a very gentle (energetically clean), sensitive and trustworthy way. I felt seen straight from the start. My first reaction was to cry deeply as old energies, grief and strong emotions surfaced and started clearing out.

It was such a relief and very healing. A big part of the experience was that I felt so seen and well mirrored. I believe that in a way that is what we all are looking for. To be recognized on a deeper and truer level and experience healing moments and deeper connections with each other. What is also beautiful is that Dylan did not know anything about me or my life prior to the reading and anyway nailed the smallest details so well. 

Dylan truly gives You/the reading his full attention and reads with a clear presence and a kind and sincere energy. He sees Your souls journey and blocks and names them precisely.

Even if I didn't hear much about rainbows and sunshine he truly named the real things in my life in such a gentle way and pointed out the smallest things that are important and valuable for me and my process forward. It feels like a blessing when talented healers/ readers like Dylan serve with this kind of wonderful high - level work. I am energetically 'in love' with his work!


So thank You Dylan from my heart!

I am truly grateful & absolutely inspired by the way You work!"


- Aura, Germany

“My Tarot reading from Dylan could not be more accurate.

I have been on the pursuit of showing my self and creative talents for many years now. I started many projects which showed potential but then I would abandon them, leaving them half finished. The cards that where revealed in my reading showed that there has been a lot of uncertainty, indecisiveness and ambiguity which essentially stemmed from fears and other internal issues. The reading affirmed that I am on the right path and I should continue to invest in my creative talents as once I do, I will be rewarded, people will invest in my ideas, and I will also invite people to join me in my successes which is so wonderful to hear.

The reading also confirmed and affirmed that I should let go of an unhealthy friendship  which I struggled to do for years. I'm so excited about all the positive things that are to come to me this year. As my reading accurately said, I must remember to pace myself, take it slow, trust the process and the fruits of my labour will pay off in the summer of 2021.

Thank you so much Dylan, the reading is life changing."


- Claire, UK

“I found Dylan through Instagram and immediately loved his posts. I treated myself to a reading for my birthday. I absolutely appreciated the guidance that came through and the gentleness of delivery of the information.

I read cards myself, I am very demanding when it comes to readings, Dylan delivered with grace and I could feel how much connected he is in channeling messages. 

He is an absolute treasure, I strongly recommend working with him to inform your life with empowerment and flow."


- Alex Vitillo, Shamanic Priestess, UK

"Dylan's energy gave me a sense of calmness and trust I've yet to experience elsewhere. We started with a Tarot reading and I cried through most of the video he sent me. He was so on target with many things; most of which I had yet to share. His reading has helped guide me through the following weeks and has led me to some powerful breakthroughs.


After the powerful and perfectly on point Tarot reading, I felt comfortable to work with Dylan energetically. He has the ability to tap into my energy and help not only define blockages but also guide me to release them. I have been doing a lot of healing over the last year, but the work he is doing with me weekly is literally changing my life. Dylan is an absolutely incredible healer and I am so grateful for him. He has a true gift. I honestly have never been through anything like this before and had no idea what to expect, but he is able to cut through a lot of murkiness and get to the root of issues with ease. I intend to keep working with him weekly because of the huge difference he is making in my life."

- Tiffany, USA

"When I felt the call to book my love reading with Dylan I thought it would be just a fun thing to do. But it turned out it was not only fun and magical but also a profound healing experience. I was really surprised about the emotional release that happened and how much it helped me to reflect on my old patterns. I watched it several times now and every time I discovered another even deeper layer to it. Everything Dylan said felt so true to me and made me feel completely seen and understood. I love how precisely he transmitted the messages that came through and how carefully and beautifully he chose his words. Overall the reading was very encouraging and I can’t wait to see how it‘s all going to unfold."

- Lisa, Germany

"I thoroughly enjoyed my Tarot reading with Dylan. The genuine delivery, authentic communication, and intuitive abilities brought to the reading were of high quality. I feel that I am walking with a helpful ally in Dylan as a reader and was given many aspects of the tarot and oracle cards to work with moving forward. I would highly recommend a reading from this beautiful soul!"

- Emma, USA

"I would recommend services of healing by Dylan, he is a wonderful soul. I met him a few years ago and was drawn to his energy. I had a Reiki and a reading, they were both very much in sync and very powerful. Dylan is a very talented young man, empathetic, and a good healer coming from an amazing heart space."

- Sammy, UK

"I was totally amazed by Dylan's insights and sincerity. Dylan presented the messages in a very safe and caring space for me, and I felt much clearer for it."

- Liz, Australia

"Dylan is a beautiful soul, brilliant at what he does as a natural healer, and his readings are always spot on for me. I asked him to do a reading for the year ahead. Very insightful. I'd highly recommend a healing or reading. Wonderful."


- Helen, UK

"Dylan has helped me many times, with his highly sensitive and intuitive card readings. He has always brought clarity, hope, and healing to any issues concerned. I highly recommend him as a reader and intuitive."

- Pia, Norway

"Dylan, I prayed so deeply for a Holy Spirit to speak through you to guide this. Your message came through at an auspicious moment, which showed me how guided, connected and in tune you really are. Talk about precision timing. It was a very good sign to me I could trust your reading and I did find it to be very accurate. The reading felt, grounded, level and trustworthy. Much wiser and deeper than from other readers I’ve been to. It was the confirmation I needed to know that what I‘ve been feeling and hearing is correct. I now feel I understand my part in this connection deeper, after receiving insights I can work on healing in myself, and I also have greater compassion for the other party. Your reading offered guidance on finding a balanced way to work through difficulties, rather than simply opting out. Thank you."

- Sonia, UK

"Dylan's reading has helped me get closer to my spirit and further my expansion in the physical and spiritual. I am absolutely thankful for his energy and his reading."

- Sarah, USA

"Absolutely loved my reading with Dylan. It made perfect sense and really helped confirm what my heart was already trying to tell me. I felt a positive shift in my energy as I read it, and a letting go as I listened to the beautiful song he suggested for me. I am grateful to him for his intuitive guidance and healing energy."

- Jamie, New Zealand

"An amazing, beautiful experience. Dylan created a gentle, loving and caring atmosphere where I could feel totally safe. I am very grateful for the time spent and the new insights I gained. To me, it was a very precious, special experience. Thank you."

- Tani, Germany

"Dylan is an amazingly talented healer. During our Reiki session, I felt comfortable, safe, and relaxed. After the session, I felt a greater sense of both peace and awareness. Thank you again for a wonderful and healing experience!"

- Kris, USA

"Thank you, Dylan, for your distance healing and your card sharing. It felt pertinent to where I'm at and I have had a lot of growth and understanding come through. I felt the intuition and the care."

- Michelle, UK